Friday, May 30, 2014

I DON'T like big butts and I can not lie....especially mine!

Yeah 4 years is quite a hiatus. With that said my butt is at its all time hiatus too...don't think that makes sense but you get the picture. Since I last blogged I've hardly run and I had a baby Oct. 2013 and he's absolutely gorgeous!! He's totally work the extra chin and butt fat that's for sure but doesn't mean that fat should stick around right?
So I started thinking about weight loss because a lovely cousin of mine has probably lost about 20 pounds and she's such an inspiration. She loves food as much as I do and I even tried going the the website she introduced me to, Spark People which is fabulous but I just cant stay motivated. I lost 5lbs and gained them all back in a week or so....booo. So I figured maybe if I went back to blogging it would help? Well here goes nothing! I say I'll turn over my new leaf this coming week, so I can have all week to research recipes and try and get inside my head and tell my self that enough is enough!

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